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About Vertexo

Vertexo provides wide range development and design services, from small to large projects meeting every client needs. We always ensure to deliver the best possible solution in top notch quality.


Our team consists of highly skilled developers and designers in this field for more than 10 years. Every member of our team is a true professional that leads to fantastic outcome.


Regarding our extensive experience in different fields, we are able to provide the best possible solution for your project and deliver it in time. And most importantly - we love what we do.


Each of our team members strives to achieve the best possible results at what they do. That creates some phenomenal intensity. Then we met each other to start a new journey.

Sports is Our Passion

Our team consists of professional athletes and we know what every sports needs to grow and evolve. Primarily, it’s utilisation of technological advancement. Online presence of the sport can play crucial role on its development.

Sports Platform

For every sport a platform with tournaments calendar, rankings and player profiles is a must to have. To develop and maintain such system can be extremely expensive. We will customise the platform for your sport for free!

Tournament Page

Extremely easy tournament management, simplified registration to a tournament. All information about the tournament at one place. Instant email notifications and accurate statistics. That is what every sports community needs!

Tour Management

For tours we provide separate section on existing sports platform or create independent website with personal domain name. Tour package includes tournaments calendar, rankings, player profiles, news pages + control panel.

IT Solutions for Your Business

In todays world it's hard to imagine a business without a website or mobile app. Our team is eager to work on different kinds of projects and face new challenges daily. We strive to work in synergy with the customer in order to achieve the best possible outcome together.

Web Development

Our team has wide experience in developing various Web-based solutions. Competence area is diversified - from simple websites, to complex and business-requirement specific systems. We strive to use the latest available technologies in order to increase efficiency and security.

E-Commerce Solutions

In close collaboration and communication, we’re developing the online store exactly as envisioned by the client. We can either create a completely custom store which will provide unique experience or use and adjust a template of client’s choice.

Mobile Apps

We have the expertise to build and deliver high quality Hybrid Mobile applications. In the development process, industry-standard technologies are widely used, mainly we are working with React Native and Ionic frameworks.

UI/UX Design

From understanding users and their goals, we follow through design process by doing research, creating wireframes, do prototyping for few different complexity screens that define the look and feel of the final designs and then deliver all.


We understand that it can be tempting to start a new project, but sometimes a lot of aspects are simply unclear. Over time, these unclarities could pile up and cause issues. Our team can help you resolve these questions, consult and guide you through the raised issues of the IT world.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes an idea is born, but it is hard to completely describe and exactly categorise it. This is where we can help you - let’s arrange a meeting and discuss! Tell us about your business requirements, we’ll tell you how to translate and convert that idea into the IT world.

Our Recent Projects

Web applications, aiming to unite various sports communities by providing unique features that are crucial for the sports industry. Comprehensive platforms with many functionalities and at the same time - easy to use. They are fast, simple and works perfectly on any type of device.

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